Volkswagen AG, Emden Plant, Ergonomic Optimization

Ergonomic Optimization of the Series Production at Volkswagen Plant Emden

  • Check and update of all ergonomic evaluations throughout the entire assembly shop of Passat B8 and Passat CC  using AP-Ergo and EAWS method
  • Introducing evaluation standards for a more efficient and reliable assessment of similar tasks
  • Process improvement workshops for optimizing ergonomically critical work stations in collaboration with Production, Planning, Logistics and I.E. dept.
  • Support for improving the line balancing in order to reach a better balance of ergonomic strains across work stations (“Kleinteiliges Takten“)
  • evelopment and support for implementation of ergonomic improvement measures
  • Support for re-integrating restricted and partially disabled employees in series production process by means of ergonomic work design

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