Factory and Logistics Planning

Smart production requires intelligent factory planning and also requires well thought-out manufacturing and logistics processes. To this end, we offer our customers competent planning and consulting services for the conception, design and optimization of all decisive processes - from the rough layout to conveyor and handling technology as well as warehouse dimensions and process simulation.

With our many years of experience from many national and international projects, we support the planning of factory and logistics processes.

Factory and logistics planning


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Services Factory Planning

Planning of production and material supply
  • determination of the appropriate manufacturing principle
  • planning and optimization of production lot sizes
  • selection of the appropriate control strategy (push or pull)
  • definition of the supply principle (e.g. 2-container principle)
  • determination of the required buffer locations and areas
Capacity and lead time planning
  • determination of target times using MTM- UAS or MTM-Logistics or REFA
  • calculation of machine utilization based on alternative work plans (machine utilization) and employee utilization based on employee qualifications
  • determination of throughput and execution times depending on the control strategy, lot sizes and capacity utilization
Area dimensioning
  • determination of the production space areas usually based on the replacement area method (machine base area, maintenance and operating areas, buffer space areas), Q-areas, storage areas for intermediate storage
  • dimensioning of paths and social rooms in consideration of the workplace guidelines
Layout planning
  • development of ideal and real layouts
  • design of rough and fine layouts
  • material flow planning for full and empty containers
Cost calculation and profitability analysis
  • calculation of manufacturing costs (direct material costs and material overheads, direct and indirect production costs, current inventory costs) on the basis of full cost accounting
  • implementation of a partial cost accounting / contribution margin accounting
  • determination of the amortization period of investments
Selection of IT systems
  • description of requirements for IT systems based on a process flow chart
  • selection and specification of software (e.g. for ERP on mobile data terminals) and hardware (RFID, barcode, e-label, scanner)
  • digital planning and securing of manual and automated work processes with the software solution ema Work Designer
  • digital planning and evaluation of production processes and material flows with the software solution ema Plant Designer
Fabrik- und Logsitikplanung

Services Logistics Planning

Packaging planning
  • selection of load carriers (SLC, LLC, disposable/reusable), pallets, compartments, transport aids in coordination with quality assurance
  • determination of the optimal number of filling pieces dimensions, weights and special requirements
  • coordination of requirements with suppliers or customers and preparation of packaging data sheets
Planning of commissioning
  • creation of concepts for the separation and/or of articles (e.g. formation of shopping baskets)
  • selection of commissioning technology (e.g. paternoster systems, commissioning robots)
  • conceptual design of the commissioning systems (e.g. pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, mobile data terminals)
Storage design and dimensioning
  • evaluation and selection of suitable warehouse concepts for goods receipt and goods issue warehouses (e.g. manual and automatic and automatic high-bay warehouses, pallet racking)
  • definition of a suitable storage location strategy (fixed storage locations, zoning, chaotic storage)
  • determination of the number of required storage locations and storage areas under consideration of the storage location strategy, the delivery quantities and the safety stock or service level
Transport and handling technology planning
  • design and evaluation of handling equipment
  • evaluation and selection of appropriate material handling equipment, e.g. forklifts, order pickers, roller/ belt conveyors, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), stacker cranes, route trains, etc.
Planning of procurement logistics and distribution logistics
  • conceptual design of procurement and transport concepts, e.g. JIT/JIS, trailer dock/traileryard, supermarket
  • support in the planning of overseas transports, incl. handling of the customs clearance process