Mechatronic Systems

Mechatronic systems combine mechanics with electronics and information technology and are widely used in the consumer sector and in today's working world. In times of Smart Home, Industry 4.0 and Green Technology, the product landscapes of mechatronic products are permanently changing.  With our expertise, we support companies in the simulation-supported development of mechatronic components or complete systems. With system simulation, we are able to depict mechatronic systems in their entirety, from controllers to sensors, mechanics, actuators and electrics.

Conception, system simulation, design and prototype construction from a single source - we provide support in the development of mechatronic systems.

With our highly qualified and interdisciplinary project teams we are a versatile and flexible development partner, be it for new drive technologies for robotics, new products for sensory control, new solutions for the   connection    of    technologies and processes or for retrofitting drives for production plants.


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  • Concept development
  • Motion design
  • System simulation
  • CAD construction
  • Prototype construction
Mechatronic Systems - Simulation, Construction and Prototyping
Mechatronic Systems
Mechatronic Systems - Simulation, Construction and Prototyping
Mechatronic Systems - Simulation
System simulation
Mechatronic Systems - Construction
CAD construction
Mechatronic Systems - Prototyping