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Centre for Registration of European Ergonomists (CREE)

CREE is a unique registration organisation within ergonomics that brings together and harmonises the views of a number of national ergonomics societies within the geographical area of Europe. Each member society is represented on CREE Council whose role is to specify the standard of knowledge and practical experience requried to become a European Ergonomist. The CREE Council registers all applicants who are assessed as meeting these requirements.

CREE is a society of which the national societies are the members. The structure and operation of CREE is designed to comply with the European Standard 45013 “General criteria for certification bodies operating certification of personnel”.

User Group EAWS

The User Group EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet) has been founded in may 2012 by the German MTM Association to practice and develop further the evaluation tool EAWS. Initiators are the German MTM Association and the department of mechanical engineering of Darmstadt University of Technology. imk is an official member of that User Group since 2013.

Global Organization of Ergonomics

The imk company is member of a worldwide organisation focusing the applied ergonomics. Since 2016 imk is supporting one of the most important event for applied ergonomics in Orlando (USA), the Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference.


Furthermore imk is international Alliance Partner of AEC since october 2015.

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