Innovative Product Concepts for the Competition of the Future

Every company that wants to stand out in the market with its products must be prepared today for tomorrow and far beyond. It is essential to surprise and convince with outstanding products and to be present even when the competition is just starting to wake up. In order for companies to achieve this head start, we develop interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary solutions and designs for the products of the future with an external perspective.

With our specialization in design and simulation, we support product development from the idea to prototyping - across all industries and for all company sizes.

Our expertise lies in the areas of gear technology   and   mechatronic systems. We develop mechatronic components, assemblies and complete systems and are specialized in the design of gearings as well as in the development or prototypical implementation of gears. At the digital product twin, we develop, analyze and simulate products of all kinds and also optimize thermal management for electronic systems.

Innovative Produktkonzepte für den Wettbewerb der Zukunft


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Services and Competencies

For each project, we set up a team that specifically conceives, designs, simulates and calculates. In doing so, we use synergy effects through a wide range of expert knowledge, short communication channels and a large network of partners.

Mechatronic Systems
Kompetenzbereich Mechatronische Systeme
  • Conception
  • Simulation-supported development
  • CAD construction
  • Prototype construction


To the competence area - Mechatronic Systems
Gear Technology
Kompetenzbereich Getriebetechnik
  • Gear design
  • Gear development
  • Prototypical implementation


To the competence area - gear technology
Konzeption, simulationsgestützte Entwicklung und Prototyping für die Produktentwicklung