Intelligent Production Planning for optimal Logistics and Assembly

Highly complex product products require efficient manufacturing and assembly processes that require intelligent production planning. Product, process and resources have to be perfectly coordinated in order to be able to act both lean and flexible with each other.

We develop and design the manufacturing processes in companies and thus increase their efficiency.

We take a holistic view of production: planning, simulation and evaluation of manufacturing and assembly processes, concept studies and layouts, determination of target times, balancing of production lines as well as start-up management, series support and change management. Our specialists familiarize themselves intensively with the company's processes and proceed in a particularly structured manner. From the production process to the complex factory, we analyze, plan and design - intelligently and across all industries.


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Intelligent production planning for modern and efficient processes

Whether individual, small or large series production - we support the rough and detailed planning of manufacturing and assembly processes


Factory and Logistics Planning
Competence area - factory and logistics planning
  • Production and material flow simulation
  • Area dimensioning and layout planning
  • Warehouse concepts and dimensioning


to the competence area - Factory and Logistics Planning
Production and Assembly Planning
Competence area - Production and Assembly Planning
  • Planning of manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Process analysis, evaluation and optimization


To the competence area - Production and Assembly Planning
Digital Production Planning
Competence area - Digital Production Planning
  • Digital production and material flow planning
  • Virtual workplace and process design
  • Process visualization and evaluation
  • Conception and 3D simulation of MRK scenarios


to the competence area - Digital Production Planning
Consulting & Optimization
Competence area - Consulting & Optimization
  • Process optimization for production, maintenance and logistics
  • Introduction of management systems
  • Optimization of administrative processes


to the competence area - Consulting & Training