new ema-Version released

by Patrick Sammler  

ema – 3D visual assembly and production planning under consideration of human work tasks

The new version contains many new and extended functionalities arrount task and object management. For planning and simulation of assembly tasks on dynamic moving platforms ema now defines the target automatically even for processes with several workers. That function speed up and improve the accurateness of planning processes for tasks on moving assembly lines.

support for dynamic moving targets in simulations

Further more highlights the new ema version provides are changing the manikin color, reach space object creation for kinematic chains and the extended robot library by products of Universal Robots, Bosch and ABB.

Key features of version

  • support for JT10 file format
  • drag & drop of project & geometric files into main window enabled
  • new task “push / pull“
  • support for dynamic moving targets in simulations
  • base functionality for manikin collision prevention
  • manikin color can be changed
  • selectable initial postures for manikins
  • reach space object creation for kinematic chains
  • motion data recorder & export functionality
  • new geometric primitive “chair”
  • enhanced geometric primitives “cylinder” & “table”
  • added new “layout helper” functions for interactive & direct IK chain manipulation
  • extended robot library

Download the demo version and learn more about all these new functions.

Our advice: use the ema download pool.

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