new ema-Version 1.7.1 released

by Patrick Sammler  

ema – 3D visual assembly and production planning under consideration of human work tasks

The new version 1.7.1 contains many new and extended functionalities arrount tasks and object Management. Learn more about the new Highlights e.g. new complex tasks, introduction of reference objects, import functionality for 3D objects like JPG, TGA & PNG files and the 2nd viewport for ego and bird-exe view.

Download the demo version and learn more about all these new functions.

Key features ema version 1.7.1

  • can import JPG, TGA & PNG files as 3D objects
    • can be used for layout import, skycubes, labeling, …
  • introduction of reference objects
    • shallow object copies as alternative for deep object copies
    • performance optimization (don‘t require geometric file reloading)
  • creation of user defined complex tasks
    • Includes creation & linking of user defined parameters
  • enhanced library functionality especially for user defined libraries
    • user defined libraries can now keep objects with behavior as well as complex Tasks
    • images and videos can be used as preview
  • new documentation & marking Features
    • includes in-place editing of names, colors & comments
    • available for objects & tasks tree
  • enhanced collision avoidance functionality
    • for upper body and extremities of manikin
    • collision detection based on real geometry
  • 2nd viewport functionality
    • picture in picture mode
    • ego and bird‘s-eye view available
  • BVH motion data export for manikins
    • enables motion data transfer to other Systems
  • new „object report“ in „results“ tab
    • provides overview of object properties
    • filter and summation (for costs) functionality
  • multiselection enabled for task and object tree
    • most context commands now also work for multiple ite

new for - 2nd viewport functionality for ego and bird's-eye view

New for - integrated new complex tasks - e.g. pusch / pull

available up to - reach space object creation for kinematic chains

available up to - +support for dynamic moving targets in simulations

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