New ema Version 1.8.0 available now

by Patrick Sammler  

ema – 3D industrial engineering and virtual ergonomics


The version 1.8.0 contains new functionalities and optimized user interfaces. New Tasks like the robot task "complex object IK" has been added with the option for linear end effector motion and the definition of multiple references within a single task.


In addition to that object groups helps now to build a virtual hirarchy to manage entire groups in order to common selections, movements, showing/hiding a.s.o. The object library has been updated with new options for geometric primitives e.g. "hemisphere" for sphere object, "radius at top" for cone object and "segment end" for torus object.

Check out the new Demo-Version.

New features of ema version 1.8.0

  • DXF-file is supported
    • suitable for 2D-Layouts
  • New task timeline-user interface
    • representation of any number of task Levels
    • name of the actor is shown on the left side of the task bar
    • ignored tasks are no longer visible in the time line view
  • Optimizations in user interface
    • enhanced playback control (play & pause combined, Play in loop as a separate button)
    • layout-commands and documentation commands are separated
    • both are placed in side by side Tabs
  • Function to lock structure in object tree
    • child nodes cannot be selected and manipulated when the parent node is locked. (A click in the greyed out region in the tree  structure selects only the parent node.)
  • Customizable background for the 3D-window
    • adjustable color gradients in ema options
  • New function to insert the copied object structure with primitive geometry
    • simplification of real geometry
    • performance optimization
  • Robot's task "Complexobject IK" is enhanced
    • option for "linear end effector motion"
    • possibility to provide multiple reference objects  as target (motion path)
  • Integration of object groups
    • virtual hierarchy creation
    • object group level control of selection, manipulation, visibility (show/hide)
    • usable in tasks as object Parameters
  • new geometric primitives
    • option "hemisphere" for sphere object
    • option "radius at top" for cone object
    • option "segment end" for torus object

Further updates

User interface
  • "license request dialog" updated
  • raster settings are always saved
  • default colors updated
  • parameter ID is now additionally printed out in parameter management dialog (for own parameters)
  • new user defined task parameter "time scaling [%]"
  • ignored tasks are now no longer visible in time line view
  • "replace object in task parameters" via new object selection dialog
  • during "delete object" a hint on existing references will be shown
  • new visibility commands for behavior & task context menu
  • option "use ref object as new parent object" is set to "True" by default
  • new option: activate "lock leg movement" on new tasks by default (settings -> GUI)
3D View & Geometry data
  • smoothed path visualization
  • switching between layout & picking mode via left double click in 3d view
  • object context menu via right double click in 3d view
  • library objects have been slightly modified (Coordinate frame origin, Grasp points, etc.)
Tasks & Simulation logic
  • task "push / pull" enhanced with grasping
  • task "place object(s)" enhanced with parameter "new parent object (secondary)"
  • new process description parameter for "MoCap"-task
  • task "move tool on path" enhanced with optional parameter "use orientation"
  • new parameter "reverse path" in task "actuate /press" (for object with path)
  • task "handle tool" enhanced with arm movement parameters in order to keep hand at tool in case of "second hand support"
  • interpretation of "port of entry" path in task "get into vehicle / get off vehicle" relaxed
Evaluation & Reporting
  • optimized body posture detection for MoCap data
  • MoCap tasks is now linked to spaghetti chart and this implies motion path is displayed in spaghetti chart
  • cycle time chart: non time relevant tasks are hidden in chart
  • cycle time chart: cycle time can be adjusted within UI
  • cycle time chart: visualization of various cycle time lines (per actor)
  • results overview: export enhanced by column "object handling"

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