Selected success stories, use cases and customer statements about our services and software solutions.

Virtual workplace design for the value-added deployment of employees with restricted performance for Daimler Truck AG

Virtual workplace design for the value-added deployment of employees with restricted performance

Planning of a central production area and virtual workplace design for the value-added integration of employees with restricted performance into production.


  • optimized ergonomics
  • reduced production time
  • effiecnt material provision
  • shorter walk paths
Customer Statement EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
"The ema Work Designer enables us to set up a complete assembly digitally. In this way, we create a better basis for planning and develop a common understanding of the process and equipment with the customer at an early stage. The software makes it possible to validate up to 90% of manual activities in assembly and, in our view, makes a very valuable contribution to the digitalization of assembly planning. Compared to other solutions, ema has a unique selling point."
Torben Moeller
Leader Assembly Planning /
Leader Planning Smart Factory North
EDAG Production Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Customer Statement Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH
"With the ema Work Designer we are able to plausibilize and validate assembly processes with regard to production time and ergonomics. Another significant advantage for process planning is the possibility of early consideration of employees with restricted performance. The visualization of work processes also provides us with a very good basis for discussion in cycle time meetings and 3P workshops."
Dr. Ricardo Schoenherr
Leader Prduction System / Project (TIP) I Industrial Engineering / Production Sytem (TI)
Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH
Reference project - HRC planning and improved production efficiency for Geberit

After 3D planning and simulation with ema - HRC workstation helps sanitary products manufacturer Geberit to achieve greater efficiency in production.


Developing different process variants for assembly and planning of human-robot collaboration with the ema work designer to improve productivity, ergonomics and utilization.
  • productivity increase by 33%
  • reduction of ergonomic stress by 33%
  • higher utilization
Reference project production optimization at CAPRON

Optimization of ergonomics and productivity in LEAN workshops using ema Work Designer


Analysis and simulation for process optimization at motorhome and caravan manufacturer CAPRON using measures such as no bending through optimized working heights, better posture or reduced walking paths for load handling.
  • productivity increase by 21%
  • reduction of ergonomic forces by 34
  • walking paths-44% and walking time -0.8 min

Work system analysis in handicraft manufactory

Complete and methodical analysis of the work system in the painting shop of Wend & Kühn and elaboration of measures to optimize the work organization and work design for more health, productivity as well as motivation of employees and managers.
Customer benefits:
  • optimization of working conditions for the reduction of absenteeism and improvement of work performance
  • catalog with 21 design measures regarding work flow, organization and employee deployment
  • increased acceptance and satisfaction among the workforce through the targeted involvement of employees and managers in the improvement process
Reference projekt work system analysis at Wendt und Kühn KG

Measurement of joining forces

Design and implementation of 1,200 insertion force measurements of joining forces for  BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.
Customer benefits:
  • objective, reliable measured values for ergonomics evaluation with EAWS
  • targeted use of auxiliary tools for hard-to-fit connectors
  • tools for determining suitable suppliers
Reference project plug-in force measurements at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Development and production of carbon fiber reinforced belt test objects for Daimler AG


Design and production of lightweight testing equipment and mounting fixtures for testing of belt anchorage in car bodies for quality assurance during production in vehicle manufacturing.

  • material substitution from aluminum to carbon fiber reinforced plastic
  • weight savings up to 50%
  • fiber-reinforced plastic production concept
  • improved ergonomics in handling the test equipment


Reference project development and production of carbon fiber reinforced belt test objects for Daimler AG